Data Ecosystem Network (DEN) – The network of connected data that flows into, through, and out of a company. It is the synthesis of data products that form a cohesive system and includes the collection, engineering, analysis, presentation, and action of or upon data.

Digital Privacy – The right to control who watches or learns about you with the ability to continuously maintain that control over your personal information. – Allen Westin & Anne Wolfe combined

Digital You – The digital representation of you created from the data that you and your devices produce.

Primary Data – Data that is consumer provided or consumer generated in the course of using a discrete service and used only for the purpose and fulfillment of delivering that same service.

Privacy – “The essence of solitude, and all privacy, is a sense of choice and control. You control who watches or learns about you. You choose to leave and return.”
Allen Westin

Secondary Data – Data generated for a contracted service (via EULA or TOS – see Acronyms below) that is used for a purpose other than providing that primary service.


CPNI - Customer Proprietary Network Information
EULA - End User License Agreement
GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
PII  - Personally Identifiable Information
SPI  - Sensitive Personal Information
TOS  - Terms of Service